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Friday, 21 July 2016

Welcome to our new site! It has been a great couple of months and being newly founded-about 4 months ago-sure brings along its own challenges. Yet we are excited to announce that our very first mobile game title, “Barn Break”, will have its beta launched by the end of August 2016. After which, we will step into 3 months’ of production before we live it in the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

Check out our games page! Barn Break is a tap action game and it brings players over multiple levels. The story centers around three young farm animals, who walked past the farm's slaughter house one day, found out of their impending doom and decided to break out of the barn. The aim of the game is to make you laugh so be sure to be entertained throughout!

Thanks to Steve Jobs, the ingenious creation of the App Store brought the world to a brand new digital age and shifted the game market entirely. Slowly, profits in console gaming are being eclipsed by mobile gaming. This is evident as we see brand new billion-dollar mobile game companies - made up of only a small teams - emerging in the tech world. It is no shocking news when a B2C business model is able to reach billions of customers by pricing transactions at a dollar. We can have app store analysis experts give us advice, but when we strip it all down, the emotion of consumers remains a mystery. No one can generate a fool-proof marketing plan or gameplay model that will guarantee the success of any mobile game. That’s what makes it all the more exciting.

We are not naïve, the road ahead is long and almost arduous. Yet at the same time we are so thrilled to see what could potentially unfold when a group of obsessed individuals are dedicated and focused with what we do. Beyond what we are creating, we also offer a wide range of services ranging from commissioned art pieces to 3D solutions. At the same time, We are also open to external investments or opportunities. Reach us!